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Welcome Beautiful Souls to Affirmations Only! I’m Astrid, a professional affirmations writer and positivity blogger. I’m here to teach you how to speak life into your reality and unlock the Divine creature inside of you.

Your Spiritual Wellness Questions Answered

What is a positive affirmations blog?

Positive affirmation blogs help you unleash your best self through the power of mindset. This blog was created to talk about the latest trends and strategies in positivity, manifestation, intention setting, exercising gratitude, and using affirmations.

What are positive affirmations?

An affirmation is a phrase you repeat daily before your mirror, with the intention that it will transform your life, one thought at a time. Usually, they focus your mind on the areas you need to work on.

What is intention setting?

When you set intentions, you are reminding yourself of what you intend to do through your actions. The ritual of setting intentions helps you commit daily to who you want to be both now and in the future. For example “Today I intend to do my best to achieve my goals.“

What is gratitutde?

Many people have different interpretations of gratitude. For some, it is a feeling or emotion. For others, it is a mood. Gratitude is an individual expression of appreciation for people, places, things, actions, feelings, or personal qualities in your life.

Do positive affirmations really work?

Yes. But only when paired with belief and with action. Affirmations aren’t magic or woo; they become a part of who we are and shape our reality. The real secret is consistently repeating them and taking action.

What are affirmation cards?

There are physical decks of cards that have inspirational affirmations printed on them. They can be used to boost self-esteem, manifest your dreams, and bring clarity to your life. You can find hundreds of affirmation cards on Amazon covering a variety of topics, including prosperity, health, and self-love.