5 Minute Journal Review (+ 3 Lessons I Learned)

5 Minute Journal Review (+ 3 Lessons I Learned)

5 Minute Journal Review

Hello Beautiful Souls! This post is about The Five Minute Journal: A Happier You in 5 Minutes a Day by Intelligent Change. I’m doing this review because I’ve tried a lot of gratitude journals, and this is the only one that I recommend if you are struggling to develop a journaling habit. 

Before you dive in, here are more details about the journal:

5 Minute Journal Review

Cost: $29.99 | Pages: 268 | Timeframe: 6 Months

Sample Buyer Review: “I am guilty of having collected dozens of journals and notebooks throughout my life…and then slowly forgetting about them. If you’re like me- this is the perfect answer! It truly takes 5 minutes… and it is difficult to find an excuse NOT to do it each day.”

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If you are considering trying the 5 Minute Journal, read the entire review first! That way you will have a better understanding by the end of this post. 

But, before anything else, let me give you an overview of gratitude journals.

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Gratitude Journaling 101

What is gratitude?

There are many ways to define gratitude. For some people, it’s a feeling or emotion. For others, it’s a mood. Yet for some, it’s a personality trait. 

They are all true. What gratitude is, is an individual feeling of thankfulness in response to people, places, things, actions, feelings, or even personal qualities. 

Thankfulness could be viewed as a practice since you practice it regularly. Most people do something regularly because of the benefits it provides to them. This is true of gratitude. 

It’s like any other practice: you can get better at demonstrating gratitude if you practice. 

What are the benefits of practicing gratitude?

Science has proven that gratitude has many advantages; once you begin to understand these benefits, they become more readily apparent.

One research project showed that gratitude has a positive impact on both physical and mental health. It improves relaxation, sleep quality, and energy levels. 

What are the benefits of practicing gratitude?

Thankfulness also improves your emotional well-being. Staying positive in a crisis situation makes you more resilient, so appreciate your blessings. 

Appreciating the positives in life can simply make you feel happier. 

What is a gratitude journal?

Gratitude journals are journals that you use to record all the things you are thankful for. You use them daily, normally in the morning, and sometimes before bed too. 

By writing down what you’re thankful for each day, you will help to manifest more positive things. Gratitude will increase as you practice daily. Through it, you’ll be able to identify opportunities you might’ve missed otherwise.

Keeping a gratitude journal provides you with motivation even in the toughest situations. It keeps you on track and gives you the ability to look back on it anytime you’re feeling unlucky. 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s dive into a full review of the 5 Minute Journal. 

The 5 Minute Journal Review

What is a 5 Minute Journal?

A 5-minute journal is a quick and easy way to practice gratitude journaling in 5 minutes. 

The official Five-Minute Journal by Intelligent Change, which we’ll review in this article, is a popular physical journal that provides daily guided gratitude in a structured way, leading you down a path toward an enhanced version of the person you already are.

What is a 5 Minute Journal?

Celebs such as Tim Ferris, Emma Watson, and Camila Mendesuse this journal to improve their lives, increase happiness, improve their relationships, and shift their state of mind to a state of optimism.

How are the 5 Minute Journal pages setup?

The journal is set up to use a page per day in an undated daily layout. The page is sectioned off into two areas. The morning routine and the night routine. 

How are the 5 Minute Journal pages setup?
Source: Intelligent Change

In the morning routine section, you’ll find a place to add the date, a daily inspirational quote that motivates while writing, and three simple questions to ask yourself when you wake up.

You can use the night routine section to reflect on your positive experiences before you go to bed and decide how you can get ready for the next day.

Who wrote The Five Minute Journal?

The 5 Minute Journal was created by Intelligent Change. They were responsible for launching the Guided Journaling movement in 2013. With over a million products sold, they also offer other journals and planners with the mission of helping you live a richer life.

What questions are in the 5 Minute Journal?

This journal includes two parts: a morning routine section and a night routine section. 

In the morning, you’ll answer three questions designed to encourage gratitude, create empowering beliefs, and inspire excitement about the day to come. 

What questions are in the 5 Minute Journal?
Source: Intelligent Change

Here are the morning questions: 

  1. I am grateful for…
  2. What would make today great?
  3. Daily Affirmations. I am…

Two nightly questions are asked to help you reflect on how you did during the day and how you can do better in the future. 

Here are the night questions: 

  1. 3 amazing things that happened today…
  2. How could I have made today even better?

Does the 5 Minute Journal work?

Yes. Yes. Yes. I am one of over 500,000 users of the Five Minute Journal. It was developed on the basis of psychological research. 

It’s especially wonderful for those who have always wanted to start a journal, but it never stuck. This is such a simple way to improve your mindset and cultivate a healthy habit.  

And science agrees. Studies conducted by the Greater Good Science Center showed that gratitude can have several positive effects including feeling less lonely, acting with more empathy, feeling more joy and happiness, and even boosting your immune system.

5 Minute Journal how many pages?

The journal has 268 pages and lasts for  6 months of daily journaling. Each page equals one day. This is one of the easiest things you can do to start off your day in a positive mood, and you’ll actually use it again and again.

The journal is also very beautiful! It has a high-quality hard cover and it’s printed on sustainably sourced paper. 

Five-Minute Journal Cons:

I’ve talked about all the pros, but what about the cons? There is one major one I’d like to discuss. If you are already in the habit of journaling, this journal is not for you. 

Also, if you need more space to write or you like to respond with long answers, again, not the journal for you. 

Where to buy 5 Minute Journal?

You can buy it on Amazon for or you can purchase directly from Intelligent Exchange.

3 Tips to Using a Gratitude Journal

Before I leave you, I wanted to share the three things I’ve learned using the journal for a year now.

1. Make journaling a daily habit.

Consistency is essential to developing a gratitude journaling habit. Some people keep a gratitude journal twice daily, while others keep one only once a week. Regardless, they are only effective if used consistently.

2. Choose a journal format you love.

It is important for you to choose a format you enjoy when it comes to keeping a journal. Don’t force yourself to write by hand in a journal if you prefer electronic methods.

The good thing is that there is a mobile app for The Five Minute Journal.  

there is a mobile app for The Five Minute Journal.

2. Turn your daily routine into a ritual.

Make it something you enjoy. Write in your journal while having your morning coffee, or light a candle with a lovely aroma, like this gratitude candle by Yes You Candle Store.

COST: 24.99 | Size: 8 oz | Material: Soy Wax

Sample Buyer Review: “Wonderful candle: gorgeous subtle scent, perfect burn— comes with very handy candle care tips that I have used on this and all my other candles now with great success. Such a positive vibe and a company mission statement you can get behind. Plus at the end you have a lovely rocks glass to upcycle! Worth the cost, great quality.

Read more reviews at Amazon.com

A gratitude journal can be a life-changing tool for you. It isn’t complicated: make it a simple process by writing down just three things you’re grateful for each day. 

You’ll be amazed by the power of it. 

The 5 Minute Journal: Final Thoughts

Let me know in the comments if this helped you decide whether gratitude journaling is for you. 

Do you plan on buying The Five Minute Journal? Why or why not? 

If you are planning to buy, please make sure to come back and let me know in the comments!

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