29 Affirmations for Self Love (+ 7 Ways to Love Yourself)

29 Affirmations for Self Love (+ 7 Ways to Love Yourself)

Hello Beautiful Souls! Practicing affirmations for self love is an essential part of living a fulfilling life. They not only transform the way you feel about yourself but also influence the people you decide to share your life with. 

In this post, I’m sharing my favorite self love affirmations and bringing clarity to what self love truly means. I’ll also be answering some frequently asked questions. 

Let’s take this journey together!

Self Love Affirmations FAQ

What is self love?

According to Louise Hay, the only thing that can heal every problem is: to love yourself. Your reality is created by the thoughts you think, so choosing positive ones about yourself and your life is of the utmost importance. 

Self-love is the act of treating yourself and others with kindness so you don’t burn out and so you can make progress towards your life’s mission. 

Loving yourself has nothing to do with how much money you spend. It’s much more about how you interact with yourself, the words you speak to yourself, and how you treat others.

If you are just getting started with self love, check out ‘Self Love for Beginners’ article by Project Love.

What are self affirmations for self love

Affirmations for self love are statements that you tell yourself to let you know you are loved. They may relate to your looks, your thoughts, or your actions. 

When you wake up, or right before you go to sleep, you repeat them in the mirror, focusing on speaking life to yourself.

Do self love affirmations work?

Speaking positive words to yourself isn’t woo. There is some amazing science behind the power of mindset.

The more you say them, the more fully you begin to understand who you are and why you are on this earth. 

Reciting positive affirmations for self love can help you regain control of your life by allowing your brain to accept the reality you are creating.

How do I show myself self love?

Besides reciting affirmations, there are plenty of ways to show yourself self love. Here are a few: 

  1. Eat Healthy and Exercise – Eat well, drink lots of water, and get moving every single day for at least 20 minutes and 3 times per week.
  2. Be Around Happy People – Try to surround yourself with people who act the way you want to act and who are supportive of you. 
  3. Avoid Toxic Relationships – If you are experiencing negative relationships, look for ways to eliminate them and decrease your interaction with negative people.
  4. Celebrate Your Wins – Take the time to really celebrate and enjoy every success, no matter how small. This reminds yourself and the Universe of what you really want.
  5. Mediate – Set aside time every day to focus and clear your mind. You can accomplish this goal by meditating, praying, or just keeping silent.
  6. Return to Nature – Make time to get outside so that your lungs get fresh air and your mind can enjoy the beauty of nature. 
  7. Gratitude – Every day, take time to express your thankfulness for whatever is good in your life right now. 

Ultimately, the more you truly appreciate yourself, the happier and more rewarding your choices become.

How do I give myself a positive affirmation?

In the morning, stand in front of the mirror and recite your affirmations of self-love. Your affirmations should be in the present tense, feeling the emotions, and affirming what you want.

Once that is accomplished, let it go and go about your day. You’ll notice your inner critic will begin to quiet with practice and you’ll begin replacing negative self-talk with loving words.

Now that you understand what affirmations for self love are, here are some that you can start using right away!

29 Affirmations for Self Love

The following 29 affirmations for self love can be written down each day, bookmark this page to read them aloud, or printed out. It’s up to you. 

  1. I am enough just the way I am.
  2. I am a Divine Soul.
  3. I am good enough to deserve everything I desire
  4.  I am more than enough in every way.
  5. I am deserving of love because I am more than enough.
  6. I am a lovable person.
  7. I am loved just the way I am.
  8. I am deserving of great financial prosperity.
  9. I am of great value to the world.
  10. I deserve an abundance of good things.
  11. I am deserving of happiness and peace.
  12. I am enhancing my skills daily, but I know that I am always enough as I am.
  13. I am comfortable with my place in the world. 
  14. I am confident in myself and my abilities.
  15. I am authentic and brave when it comes to letting others see the Divine Soul in me.
  16. I have a lot to offer the world.
  17. I am confident enough to let others know who I really am.
  18. I refuse to feel the need to be perfect.
  19. I accept my flaws, and I am willing to show them to the world.
  20. My positive qualities outweigh my negative ones.
  21. I have significant things to achieve, so I avoid worrying about any inadequacies I may have.
  22. I am confident that I have an important role to play in the world.
  23. I am becoming more self-confident every day. 
  24. I am becoming fearless.
  25. I am becoming unstoppable.
  26. I am happy with the person I am becoming.
  27. I am revealing myself fearlessly to the world.
  28. I am confident in my abilities.
  29. I am confident in my own skin. 

Disclaimer: Please notice that this post contains affiliate links that offer a commission to me if you choose to purchase. However, the links are for the best affirmations for self love items. For more information, you can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

The Best Products to Help You Love Yourself

1. Best Affirmation Cards for Self Love: How to Love Yourself Cards by Louise Hay.

For over 30 years, Louise Hay has helped people achieve self-healing through empowerment. This uplifting deck of 64 affirmations is from the Queen of Self Love herself and includes encouraging statements that serve as a reminder that you are safe and whole at your core, wherever you are.

It is recommended that you use the cards as tools to look within yourself. Each card reminds you of who you are and how to love yourself. You can use the cards daily in meditation or place them around your home. 

Sample Affirmations:

  • I affirm only the good in life.
  • I am good enough.
  • I freely express who I am.
  • My past is part of the richness and fullness of life. 
  • I open myself to all good. 
  • I am gentle, kind, and comforting to my inner child as we uncover and release old, negative messages from family and society.

Sample Buyer Review: “If you want to reprogram your brain, and change the tape player in your head and how you’ve been talking to yourself, especially if you’re working to change a lifetime of negative self-talk, perfectionism, depression, or stress from things like PTSD, get this deck.”

Cost: $17.99 | # of Cards: 64 | Card Size: 4×4 inches

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2. Best Journal for Self Love: The Self Love Journal by Leslie Marchand

The best journal for self love is The Self Love Journal by Leslie Marchand. It was specifically created to develop your self-esteem and reduce self-doubt. 

The exercises are based on positive psychology and are presented in a four-part methodology: Start Where You Are, Banish Self-Doubt, Build Self-Esteem, and Love Yourself More. 

You can follow the journal from beginning to end, or you can choose your own favorites and do them on a daily basis. It comes in a simplified layout with blank lines, so you can write directly on the pages.

Sample Buyer Review: “I can not express how great this journal is. Wasted many hours reading self help books. This book is like having a counselor. You gain self discovery because you actually have to put work into the journaling parts.”

Cost: $11.69 | # of Pages: 70

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3. Best Self Love Affirmation Candle: Self Love Affirmation Candle by Art of the Root Store

The best affirmation candle for self love is the Self Love Affirmation Candle by Art of the Root Store. It was designed to help you experience a new level of self-acceptance and a deeper understanding of your true self. 

The candle is made with herbs and essential oils including rose, jasmine, and lavender.  Use it by lighting the candle and declaring your affirmations of self love aloud. Then take a minute rest, visualize, and embrace your feelings.

Cost: $14.00 | Size: 8 oz | Material: Soy Wax

Sample Buyer Review: “Not only did my candles arrive several days early, they smell amazing and have a very slow burn time (thus far). They’re scented do well, they give off a very light, pleasant smell when not lit. I’m so happy I took a chance on these!”

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4. Best Book for Self Love: The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown

Releasing perfectionism is the ultimate act of self love. The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown is one of my top 5 self-help books for women.

This self-help classic helps you gain self-confidence and overcome self-doubt, so you can believe that you are worthy of loving yourself and having unconditional relationships with others.

Inside Brené explores the psychology behind letting go of perfectionism and learning to live authentically.

Cost: $6.96 (Paperback) | # of Pages: 160 

Sample Buyer Review: “This is the first self-help book I thoroughly enjoyed. Not only does the author define concepts like guilt, shame, self-worth she also shows you how to deal with and practically apply those concepts in real life (which most self help books lack).”

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Please remember that caring for yourself does not mean being selfish; it only means having the ability to love yourself. 

We can only help the world if we come from a place of great love and joy.

Self Love Affirmations: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed these affirmations for self love and discovered a few to help you with quiet your inner critic.

Let me know in the comments: Which of the affirmations for self love was your favorite? 

How are you going to be using these in your affirmation practice? 

I would love to hear from you!

Love + Light,


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