Order Custom Written Affirmations

Dear Beautiful Souls,

As a professional affirmation writer, I’ve privately ghost written thousands of affirmations for my clients, from coaches to spiritual leaders. I’m now opening the doors for you!

Do you need beautifully written and Divinely channeled custom affirmations to manifest your goals and heal your soul? If yes, you are in the right place!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Fill out the form below as thoroughly as possible.
  2. I’ll review your request and if I accept, I’ll email you the link pay the $99 affirmation writing fee.
  3. Once paid, I’ll start your affirmation project.
  4. On day one, I’ll spend some time in mediation as well as examining your astrological chart.
  5. On day two, I’ll write your affirmations and leave them in a dedicated sacred space next to my desk.
  6. On day three, I’ll make any edits and deliver 10 to 20 affirmations via email to you with instructions on how you should use them.

What categories do you need affirmations for?


Do you accept every request?

Beautiful Soul, although I would love to accept every request, sometimes my intuition tells me that your needs may not be a great fit for my gifts. Because of that, I only accept payment after I’ve received and reviewed your request.

Please understand that you did nothing wrong! There is something even more magical waiting for you, or in some cases, Spirit may want you to write your own affirmations.

What if I don’t like my affirmations?

If you are not happy with your affirmations, please let me know, but only after you have used them for at least 30 days. Because these are Divinely inspired, many times there may be a reason for a particular affirmation.

I do not offer rewrites are revisions.

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the digital nature of this product, and the process to write custom affirmations, I do not offer refunds once the affirmations have been delivered. However, if for some reason the affirmation writing process is not completed, a full refund will be issued. See the disclaimer below.

I’m a coach or professional and need custom affirmations for my clients, do you do that too?

Absolutely! If you are a coach or professional who uses affirmations in their practice, please do not fill out the form above. Email me at affirmationsonly at gmail dot com. Coaches and professionals get professionally ghost written custom affirmations and multiple revisions.

Custom Written Affirmations Disclaimer

You are agreeing to the disclaimer below if you request custom written affirmations through AffirmationsOnly.com.

Understand that no custom written affirmation is able to help, accurately predict, forecast or diagnose anything with a high level of confidence. These custom affirmations are to be used to help you enhance your well-being and are not intended as medical, psychological, legal, or other professional advice.

You accept full legal and intellectual responsibility for your life choices if we deliver affirmations to you. You accept full personal responsibility for the choices you make. Regardless of any information AffrimationsOnly.com might convey, you are encouraged to make your own decisions. As with any custom affirmation, no guarantees are given and AffirmationsOnly.com does not take responsibility for any interpretation or decisions recipients make as a result of the affirmations provided.

Understand that AffrimationsOnly.com is not a medical professional, a therapist, psychiatrist, or a psychiatrist. We do not diagnose, prescribe medicine, or treat patients. If you suspect an illness, or for any reason if you suspect one, get medical help right away. Do not disregard any medical advice you have been given because of any intuitive information received from AffirmationsOnly.com. If you have questions about medical or psychological conditions, or if you are experiencing symptoms, seek the advice of a physician or other qualified health care provider immediately.

AffirmationsOnly.com is not a financial or legal advisor.Any information of a financial and/or legal nature that arises is a suggestion for you to follow up with your financial and/or legal advisor.

During our affirmation writing rituals, AffirmationsOnly.com cannot promise to deliver a clear message or provide any direction. It does help if you send your request and accept your affirmations with an open mind and an open heart.

In the event that we deem it to be in the best interests of our client, AffirmationsOnly.com reserves the right to terminate an affirmations writing project. An early termination of the affirmation writing process will result in a refund for the client. 

Divinely received affirmations are based on your current state of mind and energy. It does not mean the affirmations are definitive. A person’s thoughts, feelings, and actions can be changed through their free will. When you shift your energy, thoughts, and perspectives, your life expands. Every individual is free to choose what is best for him or her.