27 Health Affirmations (Become a Healthy Person)

27 Health Affirmations

27 Health Affirmations (Become a Healthy Person)

Hello Beautiful Souls! In this blog post, I’m going to share my favorite health affirmations to help you finally become the glowing and holistic healthy human you are deep down inside. 

I’ll also quickly explain what health affirmations are as well as answer some frequently asked questions. 

Let’s dive right in!

What Are Health Affirmations?

Health affirmations are phrases you repeat daily, usually in front of a mirror, with the intention that they will help you develop lifelong healthy habits both physically and mentally.

You can make them work for the areas in your life where you are struggling to make healthy choices. They reprogram your mind and allow you to do better throughout the day. 

For example, if you are struggling to eat healthy foods, you may start reciting healthy affirmations to help, with the goal of choosing better options. 

A week later, you might notice that you have eaten healthy every day at lunch and had no temptations to consume junk food. You barely even notice and you’ve lost 3 lbs! 

Affirmations need action to work. Although you didn’t notice, your brain actually focused on healthy food options only. The secret to affirmations is that they force your mind to make choices that align with your intentions. Your mind does not like to be wrong! 

Now that you understand what health affirmations are, it’s time for me to share my favorite ones. 

27 Health Affirmations

Below you find 27 health affirmations. The best way to use them is to write them down each day, bookmark this page to read them aloud on a regular basis, or print them out. It’s entirely your choice! 

  1. My mind is sharp and growing more capable every day. 
  2. I focus on eating the healthy foods my body needs. 
  3. I am happy to supply my body with all the rest it desires. 
  4. I want a body that is healthy and vibrant. 
  5. I am the epitome of good health. 
  6. My health is my biggest priority. 
  7. My body heals rapidly and I recover from illnesses quickly and easily. 
  8. I stay fit and healthy. 
  9. I live my life in a way that enables me to love and respect myself completely. 
  10. I spend time with healthy people. 
  11. I am making healthy choices that support my mind and body. 
  12. I am happy with myself. 
  13. I give my body what it needs to be healthy and vibrant. 
  14. I make choices that support my health. 
  15. I am a healthy person and I am becoming healthier each and every day. 
  16. I expect to live until an old age, free of illness and disease.
  17. I enjoy exercising and look forward to it every day. 
  18. I care for my body by giving it healthy delicious food, exercise, and lots of rest. 
  19. I live a life that supports my physical and emotional health. 
  20. I select my food intentionally and carefully. 
  21. I am free of stress and anxiety. 
  22. My body is healthy and my mind is at peace. 
  23. I have control over the food I choose to put in my body. 
  24. I love and respect my body. 
  25. I give my body what it needs to be healthy and vibrant. 
  26.  I consistently make healthy choices. 

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The Best Products for Health Affirmations

1. Health and the Law of Attraction Cards by Esther Hicks

The best affirmation cards for manifesting a healthy lifestyle are the Health and the Law of Attraction Cards by Esther Hicks. These cards are based on the concept that a healthy physical body is indispensable for everything you do, and that we perceive the world better when we are healthy. 

Cost: $21.99 | No. of Cards: 44

2. Well Journal by CBJ

The best journal for supporting health affirmations is the Well Journal, A 12-Week Food and Exercise Journal for Women by Coaching by Jennifer. This beautiful wellness journal encourages self-care more than calories in and calories out, making them the perfect companion for any health-conscious person.

Cost: $29.95

3. Purification & Chakra Balancing Healing Candle by My Lumina

The best candle for magnifying your health affirmations is the Purification & Chakra Balancing Healing Candle by My Lumina. You can use it to heal your mind, your body, and your spirit, as well as to cleanse your space. Please keep in mind that the strong scent is caused by the potent ingredients used in this candle.

Cost: 16.99 | Material: Soy Wax | Scent: Sage (Strong!)

Do Health Affirmations Work?

Yes, but only if you take action and believe in it. Wellness affirmations aren’t magic; they’re supported by science. They reset your brain and allow you to make healthier choices throughout the day that you ordinarily would not have chosen. The true secret is to continue practicing health affirmations repeatedly and don’t resist when healthier options are offered.

Health Affirmations: Final Thoughts

I hope these health affirmations support your health and wellness journey in a positive way

Let me know in the comments! 

Which affirmations were your favorite? How are you going to be using them? 

I would love to hear from you. 

Love + Light,


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