25 Love Affirmations for Singles

25 Love Affirmations for Singles

Hello Beautiful Souls! In this blog post, I’m going to share my favorite love affirmations for all my single men and women out there. 

I’ll also quickly explain what love affirmations are and answer some frequently asked questions. 

Let’s get started!

What Are Love Affirmations?

Love affirmations are phrases you repeat daily, usually in front of a mirror, with the purpose that they will help you bring more love into your life, help you find the love of your life, or strengthen a current relationship.

You can make them work for the areas of your life you need help manifesting love in. They reprogram your mind and allow you to see opportunities for love throughout your day. 

For example, if you are single, you may begin stating affirmations in the morning with the goal of finding the love of your life. 

A month later, you might notice that someone at your gym has been going out of their way to work out next to you or smile at you every morning. 

Affirmations don’t work alone, you need to act. So you decide to start a conversation with your gym admirer. Come to find out, you have a lot in common and he or she checks off a bunch of the ideal qualities you are looking for in a mate. The rest is history. 

Remember, affirmations are not magic. They help your brain see opportunities that you would have otherwise missed. Our brains don’t like being wrong! They work extremely hard to ensure our beliefs match reality. 

Now that you understand what love affirmations are, it’s time for me to share my favorite ones. 

25 Love Affirmations for Singles

Below you’ll find 25 love affirmations for singles. To get the most out of them, you can write them down each day, bookmark this page and read them aloud, or print them out and tape them to your mirror. Totally up to you! 

  1. I make myself accessible to love and allow it to find me. 
  2. I embrace the countless opportunities I have to love and be loved, each day. 
  3. Love is present and abundant in my life. 
  4. I appreciate and honor the loving people in my life. 
  5. I adore loving others and being loved. 
  6. I am open to more love coming into my life. 
  7. I am open and emotionally healthy. 
  8. I find it easy to receive love. 
  9. I have positive energy and a glow that people find undeniably attractive. 
  10. I am available to be loved. 
  11. I deserve love and I am worthy of love. 
  12. I open my heart to the possibilities that love provides. 
  13. I allow love to find me easily. 
  14. I know that my soul mate is near. 
  15. I am secure because I know that just being me is enough to attract a romantic match. 
  16. I am confident love is on its way at any minute. 
  17. I keep my heart open to accept all the love that comes my way. 
  18. I am willing to receive the love that others send.
  19. I have a wealth of love to share with others. 
  20. I know that I am whole and complete just the way I am. 
  21. I am embracing greater love both within and outside of me.
  22. I am ready for love to enter my life. 
  23. I fall in love with the feeling of love. 
  24. I live my life in love. 
  25. I am manifesting the person I desire to spend my life with. 

Disclaimer: Please note that this post includes affiliate links that provide a commission to me if you decide to purchase. For more information, you can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

The Best Products for Manifesting Love

1. Relationship Vortex Affirmation Cards by Esther Hicks

The best affirmation cards for manifesting love are the  Relationship Vortex Affirmation Cards by Esther Hicks. In addition to everything needed to attract and maintain beautiful relationships, this deck of cards also illustrates how to live your life wonderfully with others.

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2. Love and Attraction Candle by Art of the Root

The best candle for manifesting love is the Love and Attraction Candle by Art of the Root. Whether you want to start a new romance, strengthen an existing commitment, or receive a marriage proposal, you can light this candle while reciting your affirmations.

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3. 500 Positive Affirmations for Love & Relationships by Taylor Andrews

The best book for manifesting love is Affirmations: 500 Positive Affirmations for Love & Relationships – Reprogram your Subconscious to Manifest the Life of your Dreams by Taylor Andrews. Inside there are dozens of affirmations to choose from. They have been designed in a short, clear, and precise manner to make it easy for you to create change in your life and supercharge results.

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Love Affirmations FAQ

How do you attract love with affirmations?

To attract love with affirmations, first, you want to decide exactly what you want out of a romantic partner. Make sure you describe what you are looking for in detail!

Second, decide when you will recite your love affirmations. I suggest doing them in the morning after brushing your teeth, or some similar morning activity. 

Third, write your affirmations, buy them, or collect them. You can use the ones listed here, buy affirmation cards or books, or write them yourself.

Lastly, to manifest love fast:

  • Speak your love affirmations out loud three times with confidence.
  • While you repeat your affirmations, visualize yourself in the love you desire.
  • Feel the emotion of love that you will feel when you get what you want.

Do love affirmations work?

Yes, but only if you take action and believe in it. Love affirmations aren’t magic; they’re backed by science. Those habits reset your brain and allow you to recognize love opportunities you didn’t see previously. The real secret is to keep practicing affirmations consistently and taking action when love does show up.

Final Thoughts

I hope this list of affirmations helps you find the love of your life! 

Let me know in the comments: Which affirmations were your favorite? How will you be using them to manifest love? 

I would love to hear from you. 

Love + Light,


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