52 Money Affirmations for Manifesting Wealth

52 Money Affirmations for Manifesting Wealth

Hello Beautiful Souls! In this blog post, I’m going to share my favorite money affirmations. I’ll also quickly explain what money affirmations are as well as answer some frequently asked questions. 

Let’s get started! Keep reading to learn more.

What are money affirmations?

Money affirmations are phrases you repeat daily in front of your mirror, with the intention that it will help you manifest more wealth, money, and abundance in your life. 

They work by focusing your mind on the areas you need financial support in. This allows you to see signs and symbols throughout your day to help your reality align with your money-generating intentions. 

For example, you might start saying affirmations to find a better-paying job within your field. A few weeks later, you run across a social media post where a friend reshares a job opening perfectly created for you. 

Affirmations only work with action, so when you apply for that job opening not only do you get it, but it’s a 40% pay increase. 

Without affirmations, it’s likely your brain might have never noticed that post and scrolled right by. With affirmations, your brain does not like to be a liar! It will work very very hard to get your reality to match your beliefs. 

Now that you understand what money affirmations are, it’s time for me to share my favorite ones. 

52 Money Affirmations

Below you’ll find 52 money affirmations for manifesting financial abundance. To get the most out of them, you can write them down each day, read them aloud, or print them out. Up to you! 

  1. I am moving forward and continuously improving my financial position.
  2. I am financially blessed.
  3. Whatever I need appears to me whenever I need it.
  4.  I am grateful for what I have and the blessings to come.
  5. I am improving my life each day.
  6. I expect good things to happen and I am rarely surprised.
  7. Abundance is within me and around me.
  8. I enjoy more income today than I have ever enjoyed in the past.
  9. I am allowing more abundance and prosperity in my life than ever before.
  10. I attract financial opportunities regularly.
  11. I live my dreams every day. 
  12. I focus my thoughts on creating the future I desire.
  13. I am committed to allowing wealth to flow into my life. 
  14. I can have anything that I focus on.
  15. I allow money to flow to me effortlessly.
  16. I allow money to flow into my life. 
  17. I experience increasing abundance.
  18. Money and spirituality coexist in my life.
  19. My life has more potential when I have more money.
  20. My earnings increase each month.
  21. I allow the flow of money to be effortless and enjoyable.
  22. I am living my dreams more and more each day.
  23. My life is full of love, happiness, and all the material things I require each day.
  24. I have access to a never-ending supply of financial abundance.
  25. All the money I need is available to me. 
  26. I receive many blessings and feel thankful for each of them.
  27.  I easily and effortlessly attract money.
  28. I believe that money provides freedom.
  29. I expect abundance and attract it to me.
  30. I permit the Universe to bring good things to me.
  31. I am a creative force in the universe, and the universe provides me with everything I want and need.
  32. My income is always increasing, and my potential income is limitless.
  33. I live in prosperity and abundance.
  34. I let go of all resistance to receiving money and abundance.
  35. Prosperity is a way of life for me.
  36. What I need to live flows to me effortlessly.
  37. Money and abundance come to me effortlessly.
  38. Money and abundance are naturally a part of my life.
  39. I am free from financial concerns and worries.
  40. I focus on abundance and receive abundance.
  41. I am open to receiving abundance into my life. 
  42. I am easily and effortlessly attracting financial abundance.
  43. I am completely open to receiving every opportunity and possibility.
  44. The universe is generous to me.
  45. My life is complete and satisfying.
  46. I  am a perfect example of how money and spirituality can coexist.
  47.  I am grateful for any boost in my income.
  48. I have a positive opinion of money and appreciate the money I have.
  49. The universe provides whatever I need.
  50. Money flows to me in unexpected ways from unexpected sources. 
  51. I choose to live with the belief that everything I need is always provided.
  52. I am regularly surprised by the way money appears in my life. 

So now that you have some incredible money affirmations to begin, let’s talk about candle, cards, and other products that will help you tenfold your money affirmations!!

Disclaimer: Please note that this post includes affiliate links that provide a commission to me if you decide to purchase. However, the links are for the best products you need to manifest money. For more information, you can read my affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

The Best Products for Money Affirmations

Money affirmations work really great alone, but when enhanced with affirmation products, you are able to speed up your manifestations. 

Here are a few products created just for those looking to manifest wealth.

1. Super Attractor Deck Cards by Gabrielle Bernstein

The best affirmation cards to enhance money affirmations are the Super Attractor Deck Cards by Gabrielle Bernstein.

You can use them as inspiration to overcome obstacles and manifest your dreams. Whenever you are seeking guidance, just shuffle the deck and pick a card.

Cost: $19.79 | No. of Cards: 52

2. Money Drawing Candle by Art of the Root

The best affirmation candle for money affirmations is the Money Drawing Soy Spell Candle for Wealth, Financial Security, Prosperity & Abundance by Art of the Root. This candle strengthens your wealth affirmations allowing you to manifest money, lower debt or attract a better career.

Cost: $14.00 | Size: 8 oz | Material: Soy Wax

3. 40 Money Mantras by Rev. Valerie Love

The best book for money affirmations 40 Money Mantras: 40 Days to Wealth Consciousness! by Rev. Valerie Love. This is a book and journal with over 40 money mantras inside. It also includes a video playlist with 40 videos that cover each mantra in detail.

Digital: $5.55  (Kindle) | Paperback: $11.11 | # of Pages: 176 

Money Affirmations FAQ

Before I wrap up, I wanted to answer the following common questions about money affirmations:

Do money affirmations work?

Yes, but not without action and belief. Money affirmations are not magic, they are backed by science. They reset your brain and allow you to see opportunities that you were previously blind to. The real secret is consistently repeating them and then taking action.

What can I say to attract money?

The best thing you can say to attract money is money affirmations. Here are three affirmations you can try:

  1. I allow money to flow to me effortlessly.
  2. Prosperity is a way of life for me.
  3. My earnings increase each month.

How do you write affirmations for money?

Prior to writing a money affirmation, let go of anything else and know that you deserve abundance. Then, begin your affirmation in a positive and convincing tone, beginning with “I”. 

For example, I am tapping into an infinite source wealth and abundance every day.

Can affirmations make you rich?

Yes, but only when paired with action. They allow your brain to notice more opportunities for you to access wealth and abundance each day. It’s your job to act on those opportunities.

Money Affirmations: Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed this list of money affirmations and found a few to help you attract financial abundance.  

Let me know in the comments! 

Which money affirmations were your favorite? How are you going to be using these in your affirmation practice? 

I would love to hear from you. 

Love + Light,


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